Friday, August 10, 2007

Photographing Sunrises and Sunsets Tip

I subscribe to an email newsletter published by the Digital Photography School. This week it included an article about photographing sunsets and sunrises. Most of the "12 tips" I was already familiar with (bracketing exposures, using a tripod, rule of thirds, focusing on silhouetted objects, etc) but one little nugget of information struck me as equally important and I hadn't thought about it before.

"Take camera out of Auto White balance mode - when you set your camera to ‘Auto’ in it’s white balance mode you run the risk of losing some of the warm golden tones of a sunrise or sunset. Instead try shooting in ‘cloudy’ or ’shade’ which are usually used in cooler lights and tell your camera to warm things up a little. Alternatively - if you’re shooting a sunrise and DO want a cooler moody shot you can experiment with other white balance settings."

Thanks, DPS!

Photo by Peter Bowers.
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