Friday, August 03, 2007

Fujifilm does it again!!!

Just when I thought I should be satisfied with my recent purchase of a Panasonic FZ8, I read an article today about the new Fujifilm Finepix S8000FD. I think I'm in love!!

"Fujiflm has joined the 'big zoom' brigade with a camera designed to go head-to-head with the Olympus SP-550UZ and the new Pansaonic FZ18. Sporting an 18x (27-486mm equiv.) zoom, 8MP sensor and - for the first time in a Fujifilm 'bridge' camera - image stabilization (CCD-shift), the new FinePix S8000fd is Fujifilm's most ambitious S series to date. Other features of note include face detection, 15fps shooting (at reduced resolution) and sensitivity settings of up to ISO 6400 (again, at reduced resolution). Like most recent FinePix digital cameras the new S8000fd accepts both xD and SD/SDHC media."

Not only are they offering even more ISO but finally, Fuji has added the much needed image stabilization. I'm also glad that they now accept either the xD or the SD since SD memory cards are usually about 30% cheaper than the xD. I've always preferred the longer lasting lithium batteries instead of the AA batteries but I know many photographers who like to know they can just pop into the local grocery to pick up more batteries if their battery runs low. I usually just carry three charged lithium batteries with me at a time. I can adjust, though!

I see it isn't available until September so I've marked my calendar to check prices and get one ordered then so I will have it for my Italy trip in October. Hopefully, I'll also see the noise comparison tests by then too.
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