Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yahoo's new "Shine" site for women a yawner

As a 21st century woman I can't help but be frustrated by the media's continued stereotyping of women and Yahoo's announced "new" website for women is unfortunately no exception. Although I may have some unique interests, I can't believe I am that much different from other women around the world. I personally find such magazines as Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Good Housekeeping a bore and having a website modeled after them has no appeal to me either. So you ask what kind of website would I find interesting? How about a website about less well-known travel sites and travel experiences, fun technology gadgets, cultural events like upcoming museum exhibits, learning opportunities like seminars and workshops or guided visits to historical houses and sites, interesting hobbies and profiles of people engaged in those hobbies, volunteering, profiles of women in other cultures, profiles of women in nontraditional careers and how they became involved in those careers (and I mean women employed in the entry to mid level positions - enough of the high-powered CEO profiles already!, medical breakthrough and health care product recalls - enough of the diet and exercise articles!, funding opportunities for business startups or educational or research activities, an interactive fashion activity that lets women drag and drop the latest fashion elements onto a model and email the results to friends as fashion suggestions or just an expression of their creativity, a recipe exchange feature where visitors can upload their favorite recipes with images and comment on recipes submitted, etc. I think you get the picture - information that promotes "doing".

"Yahoo Inc. on Monday launched a site for women between ages 25 and 54, calling it a key demographic underserved by current Yahoo properties.

With Shine, Yahoo plans to expand its offerings in parenting, sex and love, healthy living, food, career and money, entertainment, fashion, beauty, home life, and astrology.

Yahoo is working with media companies like Hearst Communications Inc. and Rodale Inc. to develop Shine-exclusive content. Hearst publishes Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping and other magazines aimed at women, while Rodale publishes a range of magazines on sports and recreation, including Women's Health."

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