Friday, April 11, 2008

Survey Monkey Now Offers Bounce Report Feature

I was glad to see that Survey Monkey now includes a Bounce report feature that not only notifies you have bounced email invitations but lets you export the data so you can use the information to update other dependent databases.

"New Bounce Report Feature

Sometimes when sending survey invitations through our collector, the email addresses may bounce the message back to you because the email is invalid, the receiving server is too busy, the receiving email inbox is full, and so on.

Now when sending your survey invitations through our Email Invitation collector, the messages are delivered by our email server. If the message is undeliverable, the email will be considered a Hard Bounced email in the Edit Recipients portion of the collector.

You now have the ability to do the following:
  • View the Bounced emails.
  • Export them from the list.
  • Remove them from the list.


This will help to ensure that your lists are current and contain valid emails for future survey response collections.

To learn more about the new Bounce Report feature, please refer to the following Help Topics:
Check Bounced Emails
Hard Bounce Tutorial
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