Monday, July 09, 2007

OpenDNS offers faster, more accurate searches

This service sounds like a promising way to reduce phishing if nothing else:

"David Ulevitch is trying to turn two numbers into a multimillion-dollar business.

Mr. Ulevitch’s offer is quite simple. People who sign up for his service at are promised an easier way to locate Web pages and more protection from people who try to steal personal information from Web users.

It can also block Web sites that offer pornography or other undesired material.

He does this by using the Domain Name System, or DNS, which is the phonebook for the Internet. Every Web site is assigned unique machine-readable numbers which are used to direct Internet traffic. Mr. Ulevitch inserts his service between a user’s computer and the broader Internet. When an Internet-connected computer or router is configured by adding’s two numbers — and — OpenDNS makes it possible to access Web sites faster.

His service will also correct standard spelling mistakes. For example, if a user types instead of, OpenDNS will redirect the query to the correct Web page. OpenDNS also makes it possible for users to use the Web address query box of a Web browser in the same way users now use the search engine query box found in all modern Web browsers. Typing a search request into the regular Web address box on a computer that uses the OpenDNS service will return search results and related advertisements from Yahoo."

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