Thursday, July 05, 2007

Louis Pasteur would be bug-eyed over the Eyeclops!

Now here's something to help you pass the time! I laughed when I read the part about "you don't even want to look at the hair on your arm!"

"Now you can transform your TV screen into a microscope viewfinder with EyeClops, a scientific toy from Jakks Pacific, which is known for plug-and-play TV toys that cut the PC out of the equation.
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Looking like a baseball-size eyeball with a pistol grip, this $50 microscope plugs into the video port on a TV and is powered by five AA batteries. It will be available early next month at and major retailers.

When you aim the center of the eye at a target, like a scrap of fabric, your TV screen fills up with a view guaranteed to draw young gawkers. Salt crystals look like something from a glacier, fabric like spaghetti. You don’t even want to look at the hair on your arm.

The subjects are illuminated by three L.E.D.s, and the single 200x magnification setting is ideal for discovering the individual pixels on a cellphone screen, or the dots of ink on a dollar bill. Accessories include a holder for examining live bugs. Toys like this can help you persuade your spouse of the educational merits of that new big-screen TV."- Warren Buckleitner
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