Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Firefox now compatible with Netflix Streaming! Yeah!!

My older PC workstation in my home office seems to revolt if I try to use Internet Explorer on it and for quite a while that meant downloading movies from my Netflix instant queue was dicey at best.  If I just ignored the "Internet Explorer has encountered an unknown problem and must close" error and left it minimized on my desktop I could go ahead and play the movie and it would USUALLY play but my system would later hang at some point.  If I tried to use Firefox - my regular default browser - I would get an error message telling me that the streaming service required Internet Explorer.  Well today I tried it again and behold - Firefox worked like a charm!  I did receive a notice that the content I had chosen to download (Spartacus: Blood and Sand) was protected by Microsoft Digital Rights Management software and asked if I wanted Silverlight to automatically install the proper software to play my selected choice.  Of course you have to agree or you can't watch the movie so I granted permission.  I had previously installed Silverlight for some multimedia work I was doing a while back so I'm not sure if someone who has never installed Silverlight would have to install it first or not.

Of course the other thing I was excited about was the availability of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand"  in streaming format before the last two episodes of the series on STARZ has even finished airing.  Go STARZ!!

I also noticed that the Wii has added the ability to stream movies from Netflix.  I already have a Roku player with that capability in the living room (I bought it about a year before I bought the Wii) but it looks like I will need to move my Wii to my office if I ever want to use it much as my retired husband spends a lot of his time watching TV in the living room and I can't get much screen time for the Wii.

I've been thinking about buying a 40" Proscan LCD HD TV for my office (It's price is less than $500 - not bad for 40" and I'm used to playing the Wii on a 60" screen so I can't downsize too much!) and it would be nice to watch instant movies on it as well without having to add any more equipment. My husband is balking at this point, though, because he's afraid I'll spend even more time in my office than I do now.  But, come on, now - how much "Ax Men" can a girl take!!
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