Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yahoo beta-testing integrated email and calendaring system

Friday, I was attempting to set up an account for a developer's sandbox that required me to use one of my alternate email addresses. When I went into my Yahoo account to check for the confirmation email, I noticed Yahoo had rolled out a beta of a new communications interface that included a calendar program. I thought I would poke around the calendar system a bit and liked what I saw - task lists, recurring appointments, reminders, calendar sharing, public, private, and busy times only event settings - all with a very familiar (Outlookish) looking interface, AND an intellisync tool that you could install to not only update your PDA but update the Yahoo calendar from your preferred local client automatically. In other words, you just continue using your own client if you wish, and have the intellisync keep your yahoo calendar (that is shared at whatever level you wish) automatically updated sort of like a virtual PDA for the world. It apparently works with Outlook 2003, Outlook Express, Lotus Organizer 6.0 (yay for my admin people!), Act! 2000 and 6.0, and both Palm and Pocket PC handhelds. It appears to be a much more "ready for prime time" tool than Google's calendar at present.
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