Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Podguides highlight the glories of Rome

I found a website the other day that is really fascinating. It is called Virtual Rome and it is very well done, employing some of the latest technology. I really enjoyed their Panoramic videos. I particularly enjoyed looking around the Baths of Caracalla because I didn't have time to visit them when I was in Rome last spring.
Another new feature that is really wonderful is a selection of free iPod guides. I don't know if Apple iPods are as popular in other countries as they are here. I just know that here you don't hardly pass a college student that doesn't have iPod earphones in their ears. Anyway, these little mini-guides include pictures and audio information keyed to a little map of the site or building you are visiting. Because of their video component they are much better than the typical audio guides you rent at museums and some "hosts" can be quite funny as well as informative.

I found another website, PodGuides.net that hosts free iPod guides created by anybody. They have easy instructions on how to create a PodGuide using an MP3 audio file and pictures you have taken with your digital camera and even have a free PodGuide generator available for download. I think it would be great fun to build up a library of guides of Roman sites around the world. It looks like I'm going to have to get an iPod before I leave for London next month! My friends there are planning to show me some great Romano-Britain sites while I am there and another friend in Fleetwood is taking me to York and Chester too so I would have a lot of raw material for some PodGuides!
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