Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Configuring Blosxom A Challenge

Blosxom Test Notes: I discovered that many of my problems appeared to be the result of my misunderstanding the location of my Blosxom weblog. I had wrongly assumed that since my blog item files were stored in a particular directory on my site that that was also the location of the weblog. I couldn't understand then why Rael had specified a $datadir (where the items are kept) and a $url (where the weblog is located). Although the two can be the same if you place your blosxom.cgi in the same directory as your item files, I had used the default installation recommendations for a Unix server and placed my blosxom.cgi file in the cgi-bin folder under my public_html folder but wrongly indicated my weblog directory as the directory containing my web items. After I corrected this problem in my blosxom.cgi file, the search plugin developed by Fletcher worked perfectly. Hopefully, I'll struggle less with other plugins I wish to use.
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